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DELUXE | From $11,500

The lightest of our models, the Little Guy Deluxe can be towed by the smallest of cars and is easily manoeuvred by hand. Fitting a double bed sized mattress, this compact trailer incorporates a rear kitchen galley with ample under bench storage and all the bells and whistles offered by our other models.


CRUISER | From $15,120

The Cruiser’s extended chassis allows for a storage platform on the A-frame and double the amount of storage beneath the galley kitchen bench. Lighter in weight than the Rough Rider, the Cruiser is best suited to those seeking additional storage capacity without the need for off-road suspension.

Deluxe Plus 2160 x 1440.jpg

DELUXE PLUS | From $13,360

Designed to accommodate a queen size mattress, the extra width of the Deluxe Plus allows for installation of a refrigerator in the galley kitchen and water tank beneath the chassis. Weighing only slightly more than the Deluxe, the Deluxe Plus is our most popular traditional teardrop model.


ROUGH RIDER | From $16,880

Off-road adventurers will love the Rough Rider for its upgraded suspension designed to handle Australia’s outback roads. The Rough Rider offers queen size sleeping accommodation and the same storage capacity as the Cruiser, but with 15” wheels provides more ground clearance.