What is the difference between each model?

The Deluxe and the Deluxe Plus models both have the true vintage teardrop design shape, with a rounded front. The Deluxe is the smallest and lightest of the two with a cabin width of 1.2m, roughly double bed size. The Deluxe Plus has a cabin width of 1.5m, roughly queen bed size, making it slightly heavier.

The Cruiser and Rough Rider have a vertical front, providing room for a storage platform on the front and double the width of storage space under the kitchen galley bench. Off-road adventurers will love the Rough Rider for its upgraded suspension designed to handle Australia’s outback roads.

Will I be able to tow a Little Guy with my car?

Little Guy camping trailers are designed to be towed by most small cars. Our Deluxe model can even be towed by a trike! The manufacturers manual for your car will stipulate the towing capacity without brakes, or a higher limit if brakes are fitted. It may also stipulate the amount of weight that can be put onto the ball of the tow bar, or you can find this information from a tow bar supplier. The weight of each of our models is available in the relevant product specifications, found here – https://www.littleguyaustralia.com.au/models – or you can call us on 0414 442 008.

 What trailer plug do you supply?

When you order your trailer you can nominate whether you require a 7 pin round trailer plug or 7 pin rectangular trailer plug.  

Can we take the Little Guy off road?

All of the Little Guy models can travel on sealed or well graded country roads. The Rough Rider is fitted with a Cruisemaster off-road coupling, leaf springs for more clearance and shock absorbers to handle corrugated roads and more extreme conditions.  

How much gear can I pack in my Little Guy?

To work out how much gear you pack, add the ball weight to the axel capacity and deduct the fully optioned weight. We use AL-KO torsion bar axels on all but the Rough Rider. The capacity of each axel is specifically manufactured to match the weight of our trailers, providing a smoother towing experience. Higher capacity axels can be added if you expect to pack a lot of gear.

Is the Little Guy insulated?

Yes, there is a 40mm cavity across the roof filled with R1.2 insulation to provide a comfortable night’s sleep in your Little Guy. The side panels are constructed from 19mm plywood which is laminated with 1.2mm white fibreglass on the outside and lined with carpet on the inside, adding to your comfort levels.

Can I lock the doors from the inside?

The Little Guy has deadlocks on both doors that can be operated from the outside and inside. The doors include sliding windows that can only be opened from the inside, providing extra security for you and your gear.

Is the Little Guy dust and water proof?

To make the Little Guy impervious to water and dust, the cabin doors are fitted with double seals and the galley door is fitted with a waterproof seal as well as adjustable compression latches.

How are Little Guy trailers made?

Little Guy teardrop camper trailers are made in Australia for Australian conditions. The Little Guy is more than just a camper trailer – it's a precisely designed product that you will be proud to own for many years to come. Drawing on decades of industrial design experience, we use the latest laser technology and computer driven cutting machines to ensure every Little Guy is airtight, leak-proof and built to withstand the Australian elements.

Only the finest materials are used - Australian steel, components made in our own backyard and the best trailer parts available - everything in the Little Guy has been tested to its limits. Our team carefully assembles every Little Guy according to rigorous quality control standards. Every seal, screw and washer has been well thought out and is fitted to make sure your Little Guy experience is hassle free. Even the axels are specifically matched to the weight of the trailer for optimum towing performance.

The side panels are constructed from 19mm plywood which is laminated with 1.2mm white fibreglass on the exterior using a technique to guard against de-lamination and thereby completely waterproofing the cabin exterior. Every panel joint is sealed with a high strength polymer that is UV resistant and permanently flexible to protect the Little Guy against water intrusion for many years. As part of our quality assurance procedures, all joints between the walls and the floor panel are pressure tested to guarantee effective sealing. On the inside, the cabin walls are lined with an acoustic wall cladding that will not require ongoing maintenance.

What is your warranty period and how do you provide warranty service and repairs?

The workmanship and materials used to manufacture the Little Guy are covered by a 12 month warranty provided the trailer is used for its intended purpose. In the unlikely event that you detect an issue, please contact us with the details. While under warranty, we will arrange for the repairs to take place at our expense in a reasonable timeframe.

Who can repair my Little Guy outside of the warranty period?

We will always stand by our product and are happy to speak with your caravan repair provider to resolve any technical issues at minimal cost to you. We have spare parts available at all times for the trailers we have manufactured.

Where can I inspect Little Guy camper trailers?

Little Guy dealers are listed on our website here – www.littleguyaustralia.com.au/dealers. If there is not a dealer near you, please contact us to find out where you can inspect a Little Guy. You are welcome to visit our factory in Adelaide but please call first to arrange a convenient time.

How do I order a Little Guy camper trailer?

First, request a quote from your closest dealer or if there is not a dealer in your state, please visit our website here -  www.littleguyaustralia.com.au/request-a-quote. To proceed, please sign your quote and return it to your dealer or to us, whichever provided it, to schedule your Little Guy into our manufacturing process.  

What is the delivery lead time?

We can build a trailer within two to three weeks, however the delivery date will depend on our workload at any given time. We usually have components in stock to ensure a timely delivery date and will discuss this with you at the time your order is placed and deposit paid.  

How will I know when my Little Guy camper trailer is ready to pick up?

We (or your dealer) will be in contact towards the end of the manufacturing process to confirm the delivery date for your Little Guy. If you ordered your trailer from a dealer, your trailer will be available for collection from their premises unless you make alternative arrangements. If you ordered directly with us, you can collect your Little Guy from our factory in Adelaide or we can arrange road freight through our trusted transport company.